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LightNet the Microsoft Infrastructure Specialists
We specialise in the design and implementation of mission critical Microsoft computing environments.

Efficient deployment of large scale Microsoft systems for business critical applications is a major challenge for companies today. The attraction of scalable commodity hardware coupled with the increasingly powerful Microsoft server based product set is compelling, but providing the necessary mainframe like characteristics of reliability, resilience and security with this technology is not easily achieved. When this task is further complicated by real world issues such as transition from earlier products, application compatibility problems and business continuity, it becomes apparent that the skills required are gained only by considerable hands on experience.

Our engineers have honed their skills creating industrial strength computing environments for NTL, Orange and similar companies. The key theme in all our work is automation. Deployment scripts and automation tools have allowed us to greatly reduce deployment and cut the engineering resources required by as much as 80%.

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LightNet Achieves Microsoft Certified Partner status
NTL uses  LightNet  to implement high availability servers
LightNet named preferred supplier to Orange
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